I got into accounting because I saw it was a sustainable trade. While in school I noticed that in case study after case study the one thing they all had in common was a need for a solid accounting system. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling services or goods or both, you will always need a good bookkeeper.

I’m a curious person, so I like investigating things. I’m a logical person, so I enjoy creating workflows. I’m a helper by nature, so solving problems and relieving stress for other people is something I’m good at and take pride in. I recognize patterns and enjoy math, so bookkeeping and accounting come naturally to me.

I began my career 14 years ago as a full-charge bookkeeper, and today serve as an accountant and virtual CFO for startups, e-commerce companies and nonprofits while continuing to provide bookkeeping services for small businesses and independent contractors.

The thread that binds them together is the financial sustainability and growth I am so passionate about helping all my clients achieve.

Though I have tracked millions of dollars in my career, my goal with Yellowbird is not to become a millionaire. I’m in this business to build relationships and run a sustainable business that helps other small business owners. Because of this I will never overcharge you and I will always give you a fair assessment of your books.

Your business will never be outsourced, and your information will always be kept confidential and secure. I look forward to working with you!

what jessica's clients are saying

Jessica is amazing! She takes care of all our bookkeeping and invoicing needs in a detailed, meticulous and professional manner, and presents questions and discussion items in an easily digestible format. With Jessica as our accountant, we rest easy knowing our bookkeeping and accounting is in good hands. That allows us to focus on what we do best. I would recommend her to any business owner – hiring Jessica was a game changer for us.

Dan Marshall
Creative Director & Principal, Firmament