Yellowbird’s story starts with Jessica Potts. Raised in poverty conditions, she understood a budget early in life. She had a knack for problem solving and an interest in finding answers. A little quirky, a little high strung, Jessica continued her family’s time-honored tradition of living paycheck to paycheck until one day while crying herself to work on the 805 north she had an epiphany! 

“Use the internets for work!” she exclaimed. Jessica jumped off the freeway and onto craigslist to find the perfect remote bookkeeping job. She landed it with ease because of her 14 years of experience. Her new boss was amazing and talented and the company was a forward thinking company out of San Francisco. Everything was going great! Except when they reorganized and laid everyone off. For the first time in Jessica’s life, she went on unemployment. 

Unemployment can be fun..the house is cleaner, the family is closer, you can take up macrame…Jessica was looking for jobs everywhere but something had changed since the last time she was job hunting. Quickbooks Online really started blowing up! Bank feed connections, automated payroll, merchant services…and now they have a customizable financial dashboard!? 

As unemployment came to an end, Ms. Potts got a contractor spot entering bank feeds for a new bookkeeping and tax firm started by a couple of enrolled agents. They  were good at talking to the IRS and doing taxes, but didn’t know smack about accounting. They had all the bells and badges on their website and were talented when it came to taxes but they didn’t understand double entry accounting. Sure, they could code things, but the deep understanding of the accounting equation wasn’t there. Jessica could see it in their work, she could also see a need forming.

“How many entrepreneurs are getting value services without gaining any real value?” Jessica pondered as she began to worry about her own bottom line. Knowing she could provide better service at around the same cost, she decided to take action. 

Her first client was a marketing firm, they designed and built an amazing website in trade for transaction entry, reconciling accounts and cash flow reporting. She would forever be grateful to Firmament for helping her get her start. It’s hard to make a name for yourself without someone who believes in you. 

Four or five years later, Yellowbird now has a growing team!  More organized than ever before, we can offer you peace of mind when it comes to your accounting system, bill pay, cash flow reporting, revenue syncing and data integrations. We can help using Quickbooks Online and Desktop and even Xero if we must! 

We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel, just cleaning it up so it rolls smoothly!  In most cases, we’ll work with your current apps. We’ll help you clean up, maintain and prosper. We will also help you create something from scratch based on your business needs. It’s hard to know where to start sometimes and every business is different. We’ve worked with so many apps – you can find a list of them here. 

There’s an exciting hum happening at Yellowbird Accounting. We’d like you to come along with us on this next part of our story. Help us write ours and we’ll help you tell yours.

what jessica's clients are saying

Jessica is amazing! She takes care of all our bookkeeping and invoicing needs in a detailed, meticulous and professional manner, and presents questions and discussion items in an easily digestible format. With Jessica as our accountant, we rest easy knowing our bookkeeping and accounting is in good hands. That allows us to focus on what we do best. I would recommend her to any business owner – hiring Jessica was a game changer for us.

Dan Marshall
Creative Director & Principal, Firmament