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wouldn’t it be great if your financial statements spoke nicely to you?

Jessica uses QuickBooks Online so you don’t have to. You get your business insights from a human being with a stellar personality. Jessica’s blend of intelligence, empathy, warmth and enthusiasm makes her a perfect guide to navigate your profit & loss, accounts receivable and accounts payable statements.  Jessica is based in San Diego, but distance is no barrier – Yellowbird has clients who need help with Quickbooks all over the United States.

what jessica’s clients are saying

Over a three-year period I went through five bookkeepers. They were unable to keep me up to date for tax purposes, and it was a constant battle to communicate with them. A friend recommended I try Jessica, and everything changed. She stepped in, quickly learned about my business and got to work. My books were ready on time, every time for the three years she was with me. Jessica is knowledgeable, dependable and easy to communicate with. She has a positive attitude and allowed me to stay stress free when it came to accounting. Knowing all the ins and out of bookkeeping for busy people, she is a great resource and I would hire her again the next time I need a bookkeeper.

Chelsea Canning

rest easy with affordable accrual accounting

Most small businesses use cash-basis accounting. That means, if their books are caught up, they know how much cash they have today. But if you ask them how much money they will have next week, or in a month, let alone 90 days from now, you’ll get a blank stare. Jessica loves moving small businesses and startups to accrual accounting, which means that both income and expenses are anticipated based on past and present experience. With this knowledge in hand, you can rest easy knowing what your cash flow looks like. But it’s not just a weight off your shoulders — it also helps you make more intelligent spending and revenue choices.

Pro tip: Nearly all online accounting and bookkeeping vendors offer cash-basis accounting exclusively, because it’s a shortcut to increased profits for their business. Jessica wants to do things right so that you can increase YOUR profits.


behind on your books? yellowbird has your back.

Running your own small business or startup means wearing a lot of hats and keeping a lot of balls in the air. But chances are you didn’t start a business because you loved crunching numbers, and it’s only natural that internal bookkeeping takes a backseat to the products or services you offer your customers. When that happens, getting your books straight can seem scary, or downright impossible. It isn’t – and you’ll be amazed how much lighter you feel when you let Jessica shine a light on your books and get everything up to date.


confidential and secure

It’s called Yellowbird Accounting because Jessica Accounting doesn’t quite convey the chipper, cheerful service you’ll be getting — and the freedom from stress you’ll achieve — after choosing Jessica as your accountant. But at Yellowbird, Jessica does all the work herself. Your business will never be outsourced, and your information will always be kept confidential and secure.